cmsplugin-markup’s documentation

An extendable markup content plugin for Django CMS. It allows you to use various markup languages for content. It is extendable through its own markup plugin system so additional markup languages can be supported. By default it supports Markdown, reST, Textile and Creole markup languages.


You should install it somewhere Django can find it and add cmsplugin_markup to INSTALLED_APPS. You can also configure CMS_MARKUP_OPTIONS setting to configure which markup plugins you want available in Django CMS.

To install it from PyPi run:

pip install cmsplugin-markup

To install it from source code run:

python install

If you want preview functionality in admin to work you have to add something like the following to your file:

(r'^admin/cms/plugin/markup/', include('cmsplugin_markup.urls')),

This will also allow markup plugins to handle their own additional URLs under above base URL.

Add this to your settings:

    'cmsplugin_markup': 'cmsplugin_markup.migrations_django',


Markup Plugins

If you need support for some other markup language, you can extend this plugin through its own markup plugin API.

For example, there exists a plugin for Trac wiki engine with powerful markup language (with its own macros and plugins).

Source Code and Issue Tracker

For development GitHub is used, so source code and issue tracker is found there.

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